Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catholic Jesus

There is nothing in this universe that happens without God's will. Now what about the good or bad acts that we commit? How far are they subject to God's will? God gave us freedom and this freedom has given us so much power. It is in fact a Divine Attribute in us. However, sometimes we believe that to be free means to do whatever we desire. Nothing is further from the truth. The acts that are in accord with God's will will merit a reward while those that are against will merit punishment. God does not will that we commit evil, He tolerates this because He has does not want to do violence against our will. That's how much power He has given us. We should use and not misuse the freedom God has given us if we wish to be truly human.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Catholic Jesus

There is no denying the fact that God works in mysterious ways. I would like to say a little about understanding His ways, or His Will so to speak. I believe that everything that happens in our life BEYOND our control is part of God's will. Whether good or bad, these events that occur outside of our sphere of influence has been allowed by God for some very specific purpose. It would be easy I guess to understand the reasons why good things happen. What's more challenging to grasp is why bad things do occur time and again. Trials serve God's purpose of making our love deeper, our faith stronger and our hope bolder. But what about the good and bad things that are within our control? How are they part of God's will? More on this in my next post. God bless!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catholic Jesus

Right now I'm on indefinite leave from paid employment and loving it! I have more time in my hands and I've just began writing a little book about my life. It may be boring for some but I surely believe a good number of people might find value with it. I still don't even have a final title but the tentative one is- The Change in me. Yes I went through a major change in life status- from being an ordained priest of the Catholic Church to being a dispensed priest. Yet I have resolved to spend the rest of my life communicating to people who would care to hear about God and His magnificence. For the past few weeks I have been giving recollections and talks and in the near future this would be very much a part of me. I may encounter a little opposition but it's nothing we can't handle. I have so much faith and belief in the Love of God that I know He will allow me to work inside the Church. After all, I've spent more than half of my life in His service so why stop? I am consoled by the fact that Hand of the Sower, a Catholic charismatic community, has journeyed with me. All praise!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Catholic Jesus

Hi! I'm Ferds Guiang and welcome to my blog- Catholic Jesus. Strange name for a blog, isn't it? You can say I'm a staunch Catholic and have Jesus as my numero uno model. And so what better way to promote Him than by naming a blog this way. I will attempt in my humble little manner to deliver value here so that in due time Catholics and Christians alike may come to know more about Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am pretty sure there are thousands of other blogs out there with this theme and I would like to add to this number because after all the subject of our site is of infinitesimal value- we could not possible exhaust the breadth and depth of the Wisdom of Christ and His Word will ring true now and for always. So the more people talk about Jesus then the more we spread His Word. I hope I do not turn people off by the ads that I place in this site and the promotions that I do here. In due time I hope and pray you will understand why. With Mary's intercession we begin.

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